The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


The Professional Closing by the attorneys and team members of Sellers & Warren, P.C.

•PERIOD OF TITLE SEARCH: Usually a 50 year title exam according to Georgia Bar Standards.

•TITLE EXAMINER: Title exam performed by attorneys (or examiners with years of experience, under attorney supervision.)

•LOCATION OF TITLE SEARCH: Title search performed at court house by examining actual deed records.

•TIME SPENT ON TITLE SEARCH: Attorneys and examiners take whatever time is necessary, often 8 or more hours.

•ATTENTION GIVEN TO CLOSING PROCESS: Sellers & Warren, P.C. places no restrictions on attorney or team members regarding the amount of time and attention given to each closing. Service is our priority!

COST: Fair and reasonable for professional service.

The “Closing Factory”

•PERIOD OF TITLE SEARCH: Often only a 2 year search.

•TITLE EXAMINER: Title search may be done by clerical staff with little experience or supervision.

•LOCATION OF TITLE SEARCH: Title exams often done on computer from office or home by accessing a website that warns its users that it must not be relied upon for accuracy and should not be substituted for a real search.

•TIME SPENT ON SEARCH: Often as little as 20 minutes.

•ATTENTION GIVEN TO CLOSING PROCESS: Your Time Is Up! The “Factory” business model of assembly line closings (up to 65 per day) results in many errors and return trips to the attorney’s office to sign corrected documents.

COST: About the same as a good pair of tennis shoes!

The possible results of a “Factory Closing”

•YOU MAY LOSE YOUR HOME: Someone may have a valid claim on your property based upon a document recorded decades before your closing. Only a proper title search, done for your closing, will find this document.

•NOT BEING ABLE TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY: Even if no one makes a claim against your property, you may not be able to sell it because of a title problem that makes your property “unmarketable” according to Georgia title standards. Title insurance generally does not insure marketability.

•ERRORS ON DEEDS: Mass production causes errors on deeds. Errors are difficult and expensive to correct, especially if not discovered until years after closing. Errors cost you time and money.

•YOUR TIME IS UP: The “Closing Factory” only allots you so much time. They must get you in and out like the servers in a busy chain restaurant. The result is that no one at the closing has any idea what they signed, causing law suits and a loss of repeat business and referrals for real estate agents and lenders.

•“WE DON’T WANT YOUR BUSINESS – PLEASE GO AWAY.” The “dirty little secret” of the “Closing Factory” is that they can’t give you the time you deserve. If an agent or lender makes too many phone calls or their closings are not all “easy” closing, they may be dropped as clients.