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Fee Sheet


Title Services
The following fees apply with typical residential closings, both refinances and purchases:

Attorney’s Fee $575.00
Title Examinations $250.00*
Processing $100.00**
Title Commitment Fee $100.00
TOTAL $1,025.00
Recording fees estimated at $76.00
CPL fee is additional fee $50.00
Simultaneous second mortgage fee $250.00

* May increase for outlying counties; acreage tracts, or REO properties.
** Processing fees may change depending on circumstances such as:

Multiple Payoffs
(per payoff for FedEx and post closing)
Borrower/Seller mail away $200.00
Power of Attorney $150.00

Please notify us immediately of any special circumstances, including: estates, power of attorney, divorce, bankruptcy, mobile homes, incapacitated adult, etc.

Construction Loan:

Title Exam $250.00
Attorney’s Fee $350.00
Title Commitment $100.00
Recording Fees $50.00

Construction/Perm Loan
(where we closed upfront construction loan)

Title Update $75.00
Modification Fee $350.00